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Submission Instructions - Sample Replays - Music Replacement - Recreation & Vocal Remakes

Submission Instructions

1st step – listening to the material

- Send us the original sample by email in WAV / AIFF or Mp3 format (No Lower than 192kbs Stereo) to this address:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We need to hear the precise cut of the sample. If you need a 4 bars chorus loop, please send
us this cut, no other parts you are not interested to, just the portion you need.

2 . Send the full length original track in WAV / AIFF or Mp3 format (No Lower than 192kbs Stereo) where you sampled your
loop / part from.

3 . Your full length production featuring the original sample (No Lower than 192kbs stereo Mp3) to get the idea how the sample has been used.

Give us as much information as possible about the original track (artist’s name, song title, year of
release, musicians / instruments credits if present in the record booklet).

We respect the privacy of your music ideas, and all your material is kept completely secure.


2nd step – analysing the material

We analyse the material and we select the right musicians / singers for the work to do.

To recreate the right sound (especially the sound from the 70’s / 80’s ) we work with
real instruments (real violins section / brass section – real acoustic piano / Rhodes – 100%
real Hammond organ, clavinet, analogue machines, vintage guitars / basses).


3rd step – quotes

We will give you a quote quickly and FOR FREE.

The recreation cost depends on these factors:
1 - length of the loop / full lenght track
2 - how many instruments or musicians are necessary for the recording
3 - instrumental parts are cheaper than instrumentals + vocals
4 - time to organize the recording sessions for unusual sounds / particolar music needs.
5 - time for the mix, comparison & mastering

Time is variable, of course we try to deliver the job as quick as we can without quality comprimeses. We have recreated easy loops in few hours as we have recreated harder material working continuously for 2 weeks!

Bear in mind most of the samples when recreated sound between 80% and 95% compared with the original masters, more rarely could sound around the 65% / 70%, feel free to listen to our audioclips section to get the idea.

Sometimes, for samples with a lot of real instruments, we can also offer to you a cheaper solution: if we produce the same instruments lines / parts with less musicians & more music libraries the price is cheaper. Anyway, we prefer to work with the real instruments and musicians to get a higher quality for the work.


4th step – partial deposit / advance

If you are satisfied with the quote and our work proposal, we require the 50% of the quote as advance to start to work on the project immediately. We accept international bank wire transfers, Paypal or Credit Cards payments.


5th step – material delivering

1 – We will send the new sample recreation to you as Mp3 preview by e.mail
2 - if everything is ok, we will send you the file's link including the final loop in Wav / Aiff Format
3 - if you have any critics have your say, if any amendments are needed we'll work more on the sample recreation trying our best:
there are samples which fit at 1st try others which require more work to get a good result, nobody has a magic stick!

When you are happy with the result we'll request the full payment for the work, send us all your commercial details for invoicing purposes.

If you need separate tracks and single files of the recreated sample part we can deliver them to you but after the full payment only.


6th step – rights

Now you can use the sample without paying a great deal of money to the original record labels and without wasting precious time.
The Publishing copyright remains to be cleared, but this is quite simple because it’s based on the product sales. For now don’t worry about it - you will soon see, when it’s an international smash hit !

Good luck !

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