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Recreating Samples FAQ - Sample Replays - Music Replacement - Recreation & Vocal Remakes

Q1: May I have a feedback and a quote about a sample I would like to recreate and replay ?

A1: Sure, this is something we do without charging anything, we give you our opinion about the job to be done including how much the sample recreation will sound like the original (from case to case) and the quote of the total costs of the sample replay production.


Q2: May I have the vocals of the sample to be recreated without the instrumental parts ?

A2: Yes, it’s something we often do, sometimes clients ask for specific parts of the sample only, these could be vocals or some specific instruments as well, if you don’t need the full sample why to pay more for the whole recreation, just ask for what you are looking for in particular ! This option include any part, drums, guitars, keyboards, lead vocal and so on….in other words…ANYTHING !


Q3: What is the fidelity of the your recreations and replays comparing with the original sound recording ?

A3: Usually we achieve to a fidelity which can be quantified around 90% - 95%, NOBODY can promise a sample recreation which will be identical at 100% compared to the original, there are always some subtle differences in few sounds, nothing you have to be worried about, the sample replay will work perfectly in your music production and the mix will sound great, these small shades can be heard comparing the individual separate tracks and from audiophiles only, your public will not recognize any difference !


Q4: May I have just a specific instrumental part of the sample to be recreated ignoring all the rest?

A4: Read our previous answer titled A2.


Q5: If I sample a record which plays at 115 bpm but my production is based on a 130 bpm tempo, what is the best approach for the best result in the sample replay process ?

A5: The best result can be achieved replaying everything as it was, respecting the original tempo, in this example 115 bpm. Once the replay will be finished and mastered we’ll time stretch it as you would have been doing with the original one in your normal music mixing workflow. Sometimes it’s not about time stretch only but about pitch shifting as well, especially in hip-hop and r&b productions, it doesn’t make any difference, we’ll replay everything like the original and we’ll edit the eventual different pitch or tempo of the final replay later. Of course you need to send us the original sample without any pitch or tempo variations, you must submit the sample to be valued FLAT, exactly like it was on the original record without any modifications.


Q6: Do you produce sound-a-like tracks for the KARAOKE market ?

A6: Theoretically we could but comparing with competitors in this music production business we are a bit more expensive ‘cause our quality is higher than other sound-a-like covers often produced with a midifile approach. We play parts with real instruments with a long sound comparison process and our singers are top level artists so it’s understandable that it costs more than a standard KARAOKE music track.


Q7: Once you finished the sample replay may I have the separate individual tracks ?

A7: Sure, we work in audio multitrack workflow so we can export all the single tracks individually. As this is a final step of our work the only thing you have to do before asking the entire tracks backup is to pay the balance of the sample recreation job: after that we are able to give you all parts as requested. This is also useful to demonstrate the sample has been replayed and you didn’t used the original one. Moreover you can always decide to use some parts, instruments or vocals to invent something different, it’s up to you !


Q8: Do I have to pay an advance before you start the sample recreation process ?

A8: Yes you have, we always ask for a 50% advance before to start the new sample replay production, we give you a quote for free but to confirm the job and start working we need this advance on the quoted flat fee, especially ‘cause we have to pay all the musicians sessions during the sample production process and this is a cost we recover with the advance itself. You will pay the balance after the final sample recreation delivery once you will be satisfied with the result !


Q9: I’d like to know if a sample recreation’s usage is something legal, can you guarantee this?

A9: It’s absolutely legal. When you play something you are creating a new audio master which is owned by the producer of the recording. In the case of a sample replay the owner of the new master is initially Recreating Samples, this property will be transferred to YOU upon the full payment of the flat fee amount quoted by Recreating Samples. After the full final payment YOU will be the owner of the replayed recording, you have not to ask for any audio master authorizations to any recording label, artist, producer or any owner involved in the original audio recording. What you DO NOT OWN are the publishing rights of the composition: actually a sample recreation could be compared to a cover, the composition is not yours but it remains a work under a copyright. The good thing is publishing authorizations (known as publishing clearance) is something you have not to pay for, you just have to contact the original publisher and to submit your work containing the sample recreation which refers to their original composition and ask for publishing authorization, which is something quite easy and quick to be obtained. The original publisher will get its earning automatically from the publishing rights generated from the new exploitation of your production containing a portion of their composition. On the contrary if you want to use the original sample without to use our Recreating Samples service you will have to pay more and more money to get the original audio master authorization contacting the label company which usually owns the property, IF YOU LET US RECREATE A SAMPLE, YOU WILL SAVE MONEY FOR SURE, IT’S GUARANTEED !


Q10: Once I pay the 50% advance how the work is going to be developed ?

A10: We start to work on the sample once we have received the advance payment notification from our bank. After that the following steps will be approached:

1 – analysis and sounds research (including human resources for musicians and singers recruitment)

2 – score transcription of the music

3 – instrumental parts recording

4 – vocal recording

5 – sound-a-like mixing

6 – sound-a-like mastering

7 – demo sending of the sample recreation to have your opinion and feedback about the job

8 – eventual tweaks and amendments after critics (if any) from your side and relative adjustments

9 – final balance payment

10 – enjoy your RECREATED SAMPLE !


Q11: How much does it cost to recreate a sample ?

A11: It depends from few aspects:

1 - if it’s an instrumental sample only or a single accapella recreation (vocal parts only)

2 - if it’s a full sample including instrumental and vocals

3 - if vocals include more voices, this means more singers involved

4 - number of instrumental parts to be replayed and presence of particular sounds which requires more sound researchs.

5 - usage of the sample recreation, if it’s for a release or for a synch (advertising campaigns purposes for example).


Q12: How much does it take to recreate a sample, I want it quick.

A12: It depends from the sample! More complicated replays with more parts are obviously longer. If rare instruments are present it could takes more due to the sound research involved: standard recognizable sounds are quick instead. What it usually takes more time is the proper singer research for samples including vocals: when we have to recreate a famous voice (Madonna for example) it’s easier to know who we could contact from our artists roster ‘cause the reference is very well known. When we have to research for a NOT KNOWN singer’s vocals instead it’s definitely harder, of course vocals must be as close as possible to the original recording but in this case there’s no a famous reference and the research is a bit longer and more complicated. By the way we always find the right singe, don’t worry, just be a bit more patient :-D Keep in mind when we quote the sample we can also give you the idea about how much time it will takes to finalize the job considering this research’s aspects as well.


Q13: Is there an agreement to sign between Recreating Samples and I?

A13: Yes there is, once we deal a quote and you confirm the job we send you a 1 page easy agreement which protects our work and your customer’s rights. You can sign it and send us a scan copy as email attachment, once we’ll receive it we’ll sign it and send it back to you !


Q14: I heard about other studios in Uk and Spain offering the same services, what is the difference between them and Recreating Samples ?

A14: We all do the same job! About the quality nothing to say, we are all pros doing our job seriously, it’s not possible to do a comparison honestly. Of course there are different human skills behind a sample replay, it’s understandable to be more skillful in some samples than others depending from each individual music experience which is different from person to person, this concerns any music producer including samples replayers. About the costs we are a bit cheaper on instrumentals because we have more musicians “in the house” and less external collaborators so we can optimize the costs a bit better. For all the rest it’s up to you, listen the audioclips and choose the best replayer, have your choice !

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