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Mastering FAQ

Q: Why are your costs cheaper than other mixing and mastering sessions I found out there?

A: We mix your music at the highest professional standard for a fraction of the cost of hiring a recording studio. How? Unattended sessions are flexible and take less time. I save time, you save money! This service is online only... telephone customer service is not offered.


Q: Why should I pay you to master my songs, I have plugins.

A: Mastering is an art form in itself that requires many years of experience. Our mastering suite has been professionally tuned, stocked with high-end industry-standard analog and digital gear specifically designed to provide you with a master product that cannot be matched by any piece of software or plugin.


Q: What submission formats do you accept for mastering?

A: Stereo AIFF or Stereo WAV files 44.1 - 48 OR 96 kHz / 16 or 24 bit quality No compression, limiting or maximization on master output 3 – 6 dB of headroom


Q: What is the submission's procedure to get my track mixed / mastered?


1) Place your order in the section called "Services and Costs" and pay securely via PayPal® (all cards accepted)

2) Go to our contacts page and write us through our form including a link with the needed material (any file sharing is suitable, as yousendit, sendspace, filedropper and similars) and also include the paypal's transaction code of your payment.

3) You will receive a confirmation from us about the payment and the material delivery.

4) After few days you'll receive a draft mix, have your say at this point, tell us if you want any tweaks or changes to the mix.

5) It's time for the final mix, you will receive an Mp3 for approval..If you don't like it at all you will get a full refund, no questions asked.

6) If you are fully satisfied with the job it's time now to send you the full quality high-end file as aiff or wave.

Remember you only get ONE set of tweaks included in the price, any additional set of changes is charged as an additional mix.


Q: Can You reduce or eliminate unwanted noises in my tracks?

A: Mastering is also helpful for addressing issues such as “pops,” out-of-phase tracks, and overall noise reduction. Depending on the inherent noises that are present, we may or may not be successful in reducing or eliminating offensive noises. Certain determination can only be made after we begin post production work.


Q: Which equipment do you use?

A: We use Logic 9® and Nuendo 5® with the best plugins available on the market as Waves®, Uad2®, Ssl®, Spl®, AbbeyRoad®, Urs® and Sonnox®.

We use analog outboards such Ssl®, Api®, Tubetech®, Tc Electronics®, Avalon®, Dbx®, Focusrites® for analog mastering purposes.


Q: When my mix will be ready and delivered?

A: It will takes 4-8 working days for one track, 20 working days for an album. A more precise estimate will be confirmed after the audition of your files.


Q: Could You correct and edit my vocals or make my tracks tighter and in synch ?

A: Yes. Choose your editing package from the order page. Ww know all the tricks and tips to improve all these aspects of your tracks using top notch editing software such AutoTune®, Melodyne® and Ableton Live® in the editing process.


Q: How do I know my track will sound better?

A: You always have input into how your project sounds, and we will do everything we can to make your audio project sound incredible. Every project is completed by an experienced mastering engineer. Our staff of engineers have more than 80 years combined audio recording & mastering experience.  We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every song/cd we master.


Q: Do You remix tracks?

A: Sure, we work with various Djs Producers working and remxing for labels such Ministry of Sound, Stealth, Toolroom, Island Records, Kult, Defected and many more ! Just choose a style or a reference track and send it to us including your original track to be remixed, we'll reply with a quote for the remix job.


Q: What type of payments do you accept?

A: We accept PayPal and major credit cards through Paypal's secure website.

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