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MASTERING – Instructions

For optimal results please do not process your stereo mixdowns. This would include applying compression, EQ, or limiting to the final mix buss. However, you may add processing to the individual tracks within the mix.

Although its good practice to get a strong signal, don't let the audio clip at all. If your hitting 0db at mixdown, your pushing the levels too much. Getting your tracks to peak at a maximum of around -3dB gives the mastering engineer headroom to work with your audio.

Avoid any unnecessary sample rate conversions and/or word length reduction unless it is unavoidable and you have professional grade sample rate converters and word length reduction methods.

Please send files in one of the following formats: (AIFF /  WAV)

Please do not send MP3's or any other compressed audio. We want high quality audio from the start for your music.

Sending us your audio online

Step 1

Send us your audio files online using any free large file transfer service such as

Step 2

Make your payment for mixing & mastering services by clicking "Services & Costs" from the menu of the Recreating Samples website and select the desired service, add to cart and checkout, you will be redirected on the Paypal website asking you to pay the total amount from you paypal account or credit card.

Step 3

We master your tracks and send them back to you via the Internet on the Recreating Samples FTP server on FTP client or by HTML links and by any other form of despatch world wide (Post, UPS, FEDEX). We'll send you any test needed before the final master CD.

If you are unsure about anything related to the process prior to sending us your material.please contact us.

We need the following material:

1. Complete Tracks/Stems AIFF or WAV


3. Remove all compressors and limiters on master track

4. Any Special Notes (if applicable)

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